Square Foot Gardening

I am a Certified Instructor of the Square Foot Gardening (SFG) method.

I am available to teach classes and workshops to all age levels and abilities.  I am also available to assist in the planning of community gardens and school yard raised beds.

Enjoy the below photographs of my home garden from multiple years.  I am happy to answer your questions.  Use the comment form to the right if you have would like more information or have any questions concerning how to garden the SFG way.


This is the rhubarb bed in April 2007.  We had three plants in this bed and once the summer heat hit, they were tall and full.

This is one of two strawberry boxes.  There were probably 20-30 plants in this box and like multiplying like strawberries do, there were a lot more each year.

This is from the one side of our backyard.  We had five boxes in each of the two rows as shown below.  

This bed has onions (far back left corner) and lettuces (far back right corner and middle front row).

This bed is all about flowers!  There are also some other plants taking refuge from the shade in the other square foot boxes.

We used trellises for our tomatoes (as shown below) as well as melons, squashes, cucumbers, beans, peas, and anything else that tends to want to grow up.

This is a garden bed with mostly corn growing in it.  There are also some beans in the bottom squares and a flower, too.

This is a photo of our strawberry box.  To the far right, there is a borage that is not in the box (was planted between the two strawberry boxes).  Beware of planing borage - it attracts massive bees (like it is supposed to) and self-seeds everywhere!