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My Business Adventures

In addition to my own writing, I run The Milligan Group Intl, with my husband, Jonathan, where we help business owners take the mystery out of the credit card processing world.

I do have Independent Contractor agreements with the companies listed below:

SendOut Cards
My husband and I use SendOut Cards for business and personal use.  We encourage those that want to keep in touch with their clients, customers, business associates, friends, and family to take advantage of all that SendOut Cards has to offer.  We also encourage the use of this for client retention for businesses of all sizes.  In addition to the sending of greeting cards, SendOut Cards also offers gifts (food, books, jewelry, gift cards, and more) to be sent with a card.  The SendOut Cards Photo Store allows you to create and ship personalized calendars, business cards, photo albums, and other exciting products designed using your own photographs.

doTERRA Essential Oils
My family has been using doTerra Essential Oils since 2012.  Sometimes the simplest things like a drop or two of an essential oil on the feet can do so much for you (or for your child).  We use these essential oils almost daily in our home.  We travel with them and are rarely without certain single oils and blends.

LegalShield and Identity Theft Shield
Numerous reasons why people want legal advice and protection.  Get your wills done.

Xocai Healthy Chocolates
Xocai is the best chocolate I have tasted.  I have tasted a lot of chocolate.  This chocolate does not contain caffeine as most other chocolates do.  (No, caffeine is not actually found in chocolate.  It has been added to chocolate.)  No fillers or other 'junk' to make the chocolate to be considered 'junk food.'

For more information about any of these companies, please visit the websites as linked as seen below.  Please use the contact form on the right side bar of this site to contact me for more information.

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