Writing Services

I provide writing services for my clients.  My fees are on a per-word or per-project basis.  Please contact me for more details.

I have provided writing services including the following for past and current clients:
  • Website content
  • Newspaper articles
  • Blog posts
  • Magazine articles
  • Marketing copy
  • Flyer content
  • Newsletter/e-newsletter content
  • Profile articles
  • Editing and proofreading assistance
I am a published author, journalist, speaker, and consultant.  I speak to groups and teach classes on the subjects I know and am passionate about including gluten-free living, gardening, genealogy, and Boy Scouts.  If you are interested in having me speak to your class or group, please contact me so we can discuss topics and details.

I am a Certified Square Foot Gardening (SFG) Instructor.  I am available to teach group classes and consult on individual SFG planning and garden needs.

I provide consultant services to companies and individuals who are wanting to learn more about living gluten-free, providing a gluten-free and allergen-free environment, as well as creating a gluten-free menu for an upcoming event.