Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Blog Header

Did you notice the new blog header?

Today, I uploaded a new blog header here (see top of page) designed by Jemma at Dorkface.  I just adore her design!

I have been trying to find something to use as a header for this site as well as the matching Facebook page at Adrienne Z. Milligan - Author.

This new blog header is just what I have been looking to add to my site!

I already have plans to use this header for other aspects of my business.  I am so excited!

Thank you, Jemma!  You are amazing!!

Did you notice the new color scheme and background?

Yes, I changed this today, too!

With the new blog header, the previous background did not work well anymore.  The previous background had a picture that I had "settled" with and knew it would not stay forever.

If you do not already know, purple is my favorite color - so this new color scheme is just right for me!

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