Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington

Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington.
Snowmobiles parked on the path while we take in the view.  Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington.
Back in March 2012, I was offered the opportunity to do an on-location article for The Ranger.  The location for this article was the Mountain Springs Lodge just outside of Leavenworth, Washington.

I was able to take my family with me.  We stayed in one of the log cabins at the resort.  The cabin had everything you needed - except for the food!  There were towels in the bathroom along with a stack washer and dryer.  The kitchen had a refrigerator, dishwasher, and all serving ware and utensils.  There was a hot tub and BBQ on the front deck.  We were set! 

My two oldest boys and I were taken on a snowmobile tour.  The snowmobile rental office is on site and they have everything you need:  gear and the snowmobiles.  Oh, and they offer tours with professional guides. 

Mark Gubrud, our tour guide, calmed my fears about driving a snowmobile.  I had never been on a snowmobile tour before.  My boys were excited and I was scared.  My boys and I learned the hand signals to let each other know to stop, slow down, and when we are ready to go. 

Along the trails (that are groomed in the winter for snowmobiles and are horse trails during the summer), we would pull over and stop for a bit.  The views we saw of the mountains and valley were incredible!    

After the tour, we went back to the cabin.  My husband asked me how it was and my quick reply was, "I want one!"  This was not the answer he was expecting from me.  I am not the "type" to do a lot of outdoor activities like snowmobiling.   

Since then, my boys have asked when we are going back to do some more snowmobiling.  I would love to go over there and do some of their other snowmobile tours.  

So, if you are able to ride a snowmobile and are in the Leavenworth area, I highly recommend going for a tour at the Mountain Springs Lodge.  It is so much fun!