Monday, February 3, 2014

Rainier Dental in Sumner Washington

My boys have been going to Rainier Dental's Sumner office for a couple of years now.  Going to the dentist is never fun but Rainier Dental tries to make it a little bit easier on (and for) the kids.

This last round of teeth cleaning, my third son joined the older two.  As Cuddle Bug is only three, I was hesitant about how he would handle the situation.  When at the pediatrician, he is one calm, cool, and more-than-well-behaved toddler.  He told Jonathan that he was going back on his own and did not need Daddy.  WOW!

My older two (KB and Munchkin) have had cleanings as well as the occasional cavity filled.  While there have been some problems with one of the boys (not wanting to sit still, fighting the x-rays, and so on), for the most part the visits to the dentist have been relatively painless (pun intended).

How does Rainier Dental make the visit to their office FUN for kids?  The kids that are patients "earn" tokens that can then be used to "purchase" small toys and other fun items after their dental visit is complete.  Though the small tokens and gifts may seem small and insignificant to us adults, for the children it can make the difference between a not-so-great visit and a well-behaved child for the visit.

Rainier Dental has four offices to serve our community which are located in Sumner, Tacoma, Bonney Lake, with their newest office being on Puyallup's South Hill (close to Graham).  While the Puyallup office is closer to home, our boys have an established relationship with the dentist and staff in the Sumner office.  So, for now, we will continue to drive to Sumner for the boys to go to Rainier Dental.