Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Family

When we met, I told Hubby that I did not want our children to have nicknames from their names.  Nicknames were okay, just not from their names.

I know I am not the only one that feels this way.  I am one of the few in my family - as my husband's family - that feels like this.

While I may mention my DH (Dear Husband) by his name, Jonathan, in my posts, he is the only one.  I will be using the nicknames that we have for our children here on the blog.

My oldest son, the 14-year old, is commonly referred to as "KB."  It is an abbreviation of a nickname that Jonathan gave him at birth.

The newly-turned 10-year old son has been called "Munchkin" since he was a wee one.  It's a nickname that stuck.  His other nickname is "Blue Eyes."  He was the first one in our family (of four, then) to have blue eyes.  He is still "Blue Eyes" to me.

The 3.5-year old son is "Cuddle Bug" although until about two weeks ago, he fought me on that nickname since he was real little.  He used to shake his finger at me and tell me, "No, not Cuddle Bug.  Me [insert his first name]."  Then, one day, I asked him if he were my "Cuddle Bug" and he said, "Yes!" WOW.  I was shocked as was everyone else.  He now says he is my "Cuddle Bug."

The just turned 2-year old son I have referred to as my calm since he was born.  He gets upset, cries, then is done and moves on with a happy (most of the time) attitude.  He tends to stay upset if he is seriously hurt or sick.  I call him my "Cutie Pie."

So, there is our family - the six of us.  Oh, as for my nickname, I go by "Mama" as far as the boys are concerned.

How about you?  Does your family use nicknames?  Do you use nicknames for your kids on your blog?