Monday, January 6, 2014

Nicole Howard of Essential Healing

Nicole Howard of Essential Healing is a Licensed Massage Therapist who is certified in pregnancy massage.  Nicole is also a Certified Doula Coach.  As a mother of two, she brings first-hand experience of having babies to her clients as they get ready to have their own babies. 

Nicole has been my Massage Therapist since I was pregnant with Baby #3 in early 2010.  My husband surprised me with a massage certificate for three massages.  Before Baby #3 was born, I had difficulty walking and getting out of bed.  After my first massage from Nicole, I was still uncomfortable yet I could walk with a lot less pain.  I was hooked!  Why did I not seek out pregnancy massage with my first two?  I saw Nicole twice before and once after Baby #3 was born.    

She was also my Doula for Baby #3.  I did not realize how helpful it would be to have Nicole in the delivery room with me and Jonathan!  Nicole was there and able to keep me company while Jonathan grabbed a snack or took a catnap.  She took pictures (respectful ones) and gave us a copy of them.  She was a Godsend and helped keep me focused.

I continued to be a client of Nicole's after that.  Jonathan became a client of Nicole's after he got hurt on the job in 2010.  We both have benefited greatly from Nicole's massage treatments.  

When I became pregnant with Baby #4, Nicole was one of the first to know so she could put me on her Doula delivery calendar.  I saw Nicole for massages during the pregnancy.

I was so thankful (still am) that Nicole was part of the birth of our last two babies!  I highly recommend her to others who are in need of a massage therapist and Doula.  I just love being Nicole's client!