Monday, December 23, 2013

Leanne Pusateri of Sweet Relief Acupuncture

I want to focus on Leanne Pusateri of Sweet Relief Acupuncture who works with clients in the Sumner, Graham, and Puyallup areas of Washington State.

Leanne provided some much-needed relief for Jonathan, my husband, after his car accident in November 2012.  At first, he was hesitant to receive acupuncture treatment again. 

He had tried acupuncture with Leanne after his work injury a couple of years prior.  While it helped to "wake up" some nerves that were not as active, it caused him a great deal of discomfort.  The nerve stimulation was good, just not at the heightened level that he experienced.  He only had one treatment for that injury. 

For this most recent injury, he decided to see if acupuncture would help ease his discomfort that he was living with daily.  Leanne took the time to understand which areas of his back, legs, and feet were his "hot spots" and did not rush treatment.  Jonathan's surgical site from his back surgeries in 2011 was extremely sensitive and some days Leanne could not place any needles even near his surgery wound. 

Due to the nerve damage, touching certain areas of Jonathan's feet often resulted in uncontrolled kicking of his feet.  I do mean uncontrolled as that his feet would kick and he did not always have the ability to stop the foot from connecting with someone (either me, one of our boys, or a medical provider).

Leanne also (with Jonathan's permission, of course) worked with his chiropractor in his treatment plan.  This helped both of them know what was and was not working for him at the next appointment.

While I became used to seeing Jonathan covered in needles, I have yet to experience acupuncture for myself.  I am still working up the nerve to do so.  When I do, I know that I will go to Sweet Relief Acupuncture, as I trust Leanne Pusateri to assist my body in healing itself.