Monday, November 25, 2013

Harshman Services

Harshman Services provides services for writers and solopreneurs alike.  Harshman Services is owned by Jennifer and Alan Harshman.  Jennifer is herself a writer; Alan is a graphic artist.  Together, they help business owners with website design from the creation of the site through the designs as well as the content (the words on the website).  

Harshman Services does more than just design websites.  They also work with writers.

How do they work with writers?  Well, there are some writers that may want (or need) a writing coach.  Other authors may be seeking editorial services for their manuscript before submitting it to their publisher.

Business owners or writers may be in need of editorial services for writing other than a book.  Still some may be looking for transcription services for their webinars, videos, and other audio-turned-into-text needs. 

In addition to the writing, editing, and transcription services, Harshman also offers website design for both authors and solopreneurs.  Yes, authors usually do have a need for their own website.  (Like this website that is mine.)

Are you a writer or blogger and need some keywords to help you attract the right kind of visitors to your website?  Do you need to know which keywords your potential customers are typing in when searching for a business like yours?  

Harshman Services can help you with their Keyword Research Reports.  These reports are suitable for businesses and writers - both those that are offline and the ones that are online.

As part of the coaching for writers, Harshman offers "Writing Program:  The Nitty Gritty" as three different options:  As full-fledged writing course with live support and coaching; a full home study course with the e-book; or just the e-book.

As a writer myself, there have been times when I have wanted a writing coach.  Other times, I did not feel I was in need of a writing coach.  After all, I am a published writer so why do I need a coach?

Well, after working with Harshman Services as my writing coach, I now know why I need a coach.  I need a coach to help me look at my writing with fresh eyes so that I can make my writing crisper when it is lacking in clarity.  I need a coach to help me approach my favorite topics from different perspectives and angles, especially when I am working on a pitch for a freelance article.   

I have indeed benefited from having Harshman Services as my writing coach.  Thank you, Harshman Services, for helping me in my writing endeavors!