Monday, October 7, 2013

Allyson P. Leavitt - Independent dōTERRA Elite Product Counsultant

Allyson P. Leavitt is an Independent dōTERRA Elite Product Consultant.  She has been using the dōTERRA products herself since October 2010. 

Allyson P. Leavitt (2012) - Used with permission.
Allyson and I go way back.  We have known each other since January 2000.  We have been Independent Consultants together in two companies in previous years.

dōTERRA  Essential Oils are amazing.  Each oil and oil blend begin and end with pure essential oils.  No fillers or other ingredients.  Just the oils.

My family began using dōTERRA after a sample of a couple blends were given to us by our chiropractor.  The sample of the Balance blend was for my husband to see if it would change how the damaged nerve in his back felt.  Yes, it did change the feeling - so much so that it overstimulated him and we had to decrease the amount we were applying.  We were only using a couple of drops on his back with massage oil.  We then started using a drop per foot and that seemed to even out the affects throughout his body.

The second sample we were given was the Serenity blend.  That one was specifically for our then two-year old to see if it would help him fall asleep easier at night.  WOW.  We used it on all four boys and my husband nightly.  One drop to each foot and one drop behind each ear did the same thing as medication would - without the use of said medication.

After we started using the above samples, I began asking Allyson questions about the oils and how she used them.  I asked why she began using them, how often, and what benefits did she see from the different single oils and the blends.

Allyson shared her experiences as well as that of others that used the dōTERRA products.  We discussed the different uses for the various oils.  Allyson has a wealth of information from her experiences as well as from the resources provided by dōTERRA to assist her in helping her customers and team members.

Some of you may be wondering why I would talk to Allyson about the oils when our chiropractic gave us some samples.  First, I knew that Allyson was selling dōTERRA products before I knew about our chiropractor selling them.  Second, our chiropractor told us that if we wanted to go through our friend, Allyson, to purchase dōTERRA essential oils it would not hurt her feelings or offend her.  Our chiropractor does have team members, I believe, however, she does not recruit team members as actively as Allyson.  Our chiropractor is a chiropractor first and foremost.

Allyson continued to follow up with me (not hound - it was a professional follow up) and answered my questions as they arose.  She was patient, understanding, and confidential when it came to discussing certain details about medical history.  (She still is!)

I appreciate Allyson's time and effort that she has put into helping help myself and my family.  When you do contact Allyson to learn more about how dōTERRA can help you and your family, please mention that you read about her here on my blog.