Monday, August 26, 2013

5 Reasons to send out an E-Newsletter to Clients

Some business owners may send out newsletters in the mail and some may send no regular communications at all.

Here are five reasons to send e-newsletters to your clients, prospective clients, family & friends, and referral partners.

1.    You can tell everyone at the same time about your upcoming event, newest employee, or highlight the product of the month.  Some industries have new sales monthly while others never really have a “sale” like mortgages.  Mortgages, however, do have fluctuating rates that can be addressed on a consistent basis.
2.    Keep your name and face (be sure your photo is on every piece of marketing material) in front of your clients, potential clients, and those that refer you on a consistent basis.
3.    Include an educational tidbit that informs readers about something new in your field.  The “Did you know?” question before the tip helps to grab their attention.
4.    Get personal.  Well, not too personal.  Try to mention something that you and your family have done in each enewsletter.  Keep yourself “human” to your readers.  What activities did your family do over the summer, during a vacation, or during the power outage?  Remember to mention what you did.  Do not brag.
5.    Include community events in your local area that you feel could be beneficial to your clients.  Is the town putting on a parade, Santa photos for the kids, or a huge fair?  Clients and others who read your enewsletter will look for the community updates each time you send it.

If you have some clients that still do not use email, seriously consider mailing a copy of the newsletter to them.  You will be able to be “top of mind” for referrals and they will appreciate the consideration on your part about respecting their wishes to not have (or give out) their email address.