Sunday, June 2, 2013

Free Printables by Chart Jungle

I just adore Chart Jungle!  I do not recall when I first found Chart Jungle.  I believe I was referred to it by a fellow homeschooler many years ago! 

Our oldest two boys regularly ask me to print the "8 Glasses of Water a Day" chart so that they can track how much water they are (or are not) drinking.  It is a simple chart that allows them to track a part of their own well being.

There are also multiple charts for household items (inventory lists as well as 'chores') plus checklists for business purposes, travel, medical, and a lot more.  I signed up for her email newsletter and enjoy seeing the new charts that she adds.

Some more charts that she offers include health and diet, medication, website information, sign-up sheets for sports, as well as school and homeschool charts.  I like the variety of her charts.  They are simple to use, have color (that does not distract from the chart, especially the ones for children), and are a great resource.

I have printed out her Emergency Contact Sheet numerous times for Boy Scout and Cub Scout requirements that ask for the Scout to write down the list of their family, neighbors, and emergency services.  Her chart has a spot for the Poison Control Center - which is always a good number to have on hand!

This particular chart makes it easy for the Scout (especially one that has difficulties focusing on the task at hand) to write down the appropriate name and phone number on each line - family member, friend, neighbor, nearest relative, pediatrician, dentist, and so forth.

Have you used Chart Jungle?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


UPDATE 19 April 2014:

I continue to use Chart Jungle.  I am now also printing off the weekly to-do lists for my three-year old toddler that has the monkeys.  He loves helping me and getting items checked off of his list - all because of some cute monkeys.

Thank you, Wendy, for your time and effort to provide so many useful charts!