Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Features on My Site

I have recently been adding more to this site.  Please note the new menu tabs at the top of the page.

My Writing Portfolio is where I have showcased some of my writing that has been published.  It includes the book I have written along with articles published for newspapers and magazines (both in print and online), as well as online-only website publications.  This is currently a work-in-progress as I find and add of all the links for my writing.  Please check back often to see what else has been added.

Writing Services is where I list what types of writing projects I have worked on in the past for clients and myself.  I also list what I am currently working on, though clients may not be listed with specific projects.

About Adrienne Z. Milligan is, well, all about me.  This is the part of my website that I talk about me, not about how I am able to help my clients brand their business.

Resources is where I talk about the people and companies that have helped me both professionally and personally.  I only list those that I know treat their clients well and are professional in what they do.  I have worked with many of them on a regular basis.  I have been clients of some of them as have people in my family.  Some of them have been or are currently a client of mine.