Thursday, September 13, 2012

Journal writing while at the KOA this week

Each of the big boys had been given a new composition notebook and a couple of pens for the trip.  I told them that I wanted the two of them to write in their new journal daily.  I also had a new composition notebook for me.  I knew that I was going to need to set the example of writing in my journal.

At first, the oldest had no idea what to write.  He tried to procrastinate and kept running off to chase the toddler or play with the baby.  Once he actually sat down and put pen to paper, he got hooked!  He feels that his spelling ability is lacking and struggles to just write no matter the spelling, grammar, or punctuation.  He wrote one sentence and then a second.  He kept writing and pretty soon had a paragraph or two.

What was most interesting was what happened later in the evening yesterday:  The oldest kept adding to his journal.  He carried it with him and continued to make comments about our trip this week.  I am not sure what got him hooked, but I am glad he got hooked.

The second oldest feels he cannot spell at all.  He says he can read but does not know how to spell.  I know he can spell and he has proved he can.  He fought me on writing in his journal and did the minimum I asked for him to do.  I think he did add to the journal a little off and on last night.  I did not want to pressure him as that would stress him out more and cause him to stop wanting to write in it altogether.