Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Online typing course, free and fun

A few years ago, my oldest wanted to learn how to type.  I searched online for free typing courses and came across one offered by the BBC.  I played around on it for a couple of levels and my boys were begging me to try it themselves.  My oldest went through all of the levels in a day or two.  Jonathan said that our son was typing better than he did at the same age! 

Since then, the two oldest boys have been using the BBC's Dance Mat Typing online course off and on to practice and sharpen their typing skills.  It is an animated and a fun way to learn how to type using the correct fingering.

I do not mind listening to the course as the voices are, of course, all British accents.  I do so enjoy the accent.

This is one online course that I need to get onto our schedule for this upcoming school year.  Both boys enjoy it and have increased their typing skills in a fun way.

I love finding out about fun and new ways to teach something to my boys.  I like learning along with them as it makes it a family activity not just "school."

Please share the educational resources you have found online to help your children learn.  Videos, worksheets, quizzes, and more are all over the internet.  What are your favorites and why?

If you have a blog about your family's educational journey, please share the link when you comment.  I will check it out and, more likely than not, follow your blog.  I would be honored if you would reciprocate in kind.