Friday, August 10, 2012

More planning for this upcoming year

I am in awe of the resources available in The Prairie Primer and appreciate Margie Gray's time, energy, and dedication to put together such a wonderful product.

As I have been sitting here reading the first few pages of the Primer, I am getting excited with the multitude of topics that are possible for us to cover this coming year or two.  My husband has mentioned certain topic suggestions to me the last couple of years.  Some I have wondered how to present or gradually work into studying.  Now, those topics are in the Primer and will flow naturally with our studies.

The boys will enjoy learning about owls, bears, guns, and whittling.  These are just four of the topics mentioned for the first book, Little House in the Big Woods

Owls will be fun as we have heard them while camping this year.  We have a lot of owls in our area and there are some we can see at the local zoos. 

Bears are a good topic to study because we have been camping in the woods and mountains!  While I hope we do not run into one in the wild, our local zoos and wildlife preserve do have bears that we are able to see from afar. 

The boys both had some gun safety earlier this year - the oldest at a local sportsmen club with a NRA range master and the younger at Cub Scout Day Camp.  We have also been teaching them gun safety here at home. 

Whittling projects will be interesting and we may have to work into them, especially with the Cub Scout.  I will be asking my husband to work with them for this portion. 

More later . . .