Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free online word counters

As you may or may not know, I am a published author and journalist.  One thing that helps me in my writing is keeping track of how many words I have written.

When using Word, it automatically counts for me.  When writing blog posts or in other programs, there is not always a word counter that is available or handy to use.

I have found the following word counters online that are free and count your words fast so you can get back to writing:

WordCounterTool.com - I like this one as it counts words and characters.  An added bonus is that you can click on "Start" and begin typing in the open space and it will calculate your words per minute (wpm).

WordCountTool.net - Paste or type what you have written and it counts it for you.

CountWordsTool.com - This one does the same thing - paste or type what you want counted and it does it fast.  One thing that this one has is a link to another site that will count the words of a website.  So, if you wonder how many words you have on your blog or other site, use this to see.

I do not always use these sites.  When I do need words counted fast, one of these sites is where I go.

Enjoy writing and counting your words!