Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A homeschooling we will go

We have always home-schooled our children.  I had not considered homeschooling until a friend of mine, Sheryl, mentioned she homeschooled hers.  That got me thinking.

At the time, we had one boy.  He was constantly learning and asking questions as it was, so homeschooling just made sense.

After we had our second son, it was difficult at times to manage baby and pre-schooler though we did it.  Educational toys and movies were our friend on days when the boys were cranky or not feeling well.

Along came boy number three and when the oldest two were supposed to be doing school work, the baby would cry and the boys would go running.  Then the baby started toddling and then the boys were running to get their toys moved.  School work - and sometimes it was "school work" - did not always happen.  That did not mean that the boys were not learning.  They were learning how to share, play nice, and be respectful of each others' feelings and belongings.  I will write more about "school work" in another post....

We now have four boys.  While some may think four makes it more difficult, it is not that much different than having three.  We enjoy making fun memories with our own family and learning together.  What better way for our boys to learn than to see us learning something new, too.   

I like to see it as we educate our boys at home and wherever we are at any time.  Learning happens on road trips, vacations, outings, field trips, and while grocery shopping.

We are active in our church and our boys are in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  We work on being prepared for emergencies by using our HAM radios and helping others. 

I want this to be a place to share our activities, our thoughts, and the journey.  I welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions, and references.