Saturday, August 20, 2011

Haley's Corner Bakery ~ A Local Favorite

Haley's Corner Bakery is a gluten-free dedicated bakery located in Kent, Washington.

Our first visit to Haley's was memorable:  We walk in (the four of us) and were greeted by the owners.  Our two boys stared at all of the food in the display cases and gave me that look:  "Why did you bring us here to torture us with all of this food that we CAN'T eat???"

Then they heard these magic words:  "ALL of the food you see here is Gluten Free!"

WOW.  It was great to see the look on the boys' faces as they processed the fact that they could eat everything in the place!

That was a couple of years ago and we've been going back ever since.

My favorite at Haley's, without a doubt, is their Angel Food Cake.

Why, you may ask, is their Angel Food Cake the thing for me to eat at Haley's?

Well, I've never been fond of Angel Food Cake.  For me, Angel Food Cake was too dry, not enough flavor, or just bland.  I would eat it with enough strawberries and whipped cream piled on top that you couldn't taste the cake.  But alone, no way! 

My one grandfather always bought them and ate a slice daily when I was visiting.  He always offered me a piece, but I just didn't like the taste so usually passed on the offer.

I purchased a slice of Haley's Angel Food Cake - I believe the first time we were there - and fell in love.  I was amazed that they could take a cake I didn't care for, make it gluten free, and have it moist and yummy!

Kudos to Haley's Corner Bakery!

Haley's is also mentioned in my book, The Gluten-Free Way:  My Way.