Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Turn at Tracie Walker's Word Game with a Twist

After writing My Turn at Tracie Walker's Word Game, I wrote another piece using the same words. Tracie Walker gave me these five words for her word game: Hide, butterflies, peanut butter, inspire, and summer.

Here is how I used the five words from Tracie to help jump start my writing when I was having a difficult time getting any words to flow:

Mount Rainier is a fun place to visit anytime. As a family, we like to go multiple times a year so we usually purchase the annual pass. The annual pass does pay for itself with frequent visits over the twelve months after purchase as long as we remember to use it.

When we visit during the summer, it is fun to watch the butterflies flying to and fro between flowers. The colors of the butterflies are varied and beautiful. I like watching them and smile whenever I see them. It can be a challenge to get a good photo of a butterfly even with a digital camera. I try to get at least one good photo of a butterfly each visit. There is just something about them.

Children and adults alike can play hide and go seek in the campgrounds or on the trails by Mowich Lake. As always, when in nature it is important to remember to stay on the marked paths and beware of the wild animals. After all, we are in their neighborhood. Sometimes when in the visitor center at Paradise, it can almost become a game of hide and go seek when looking for a friend or spouse that is roaming the gift shop.

When it is time for lunch, our picnic basket can be found holding delicious items like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread, chips and dip, fresh fruit in season, bottled water, and home made gluten free chocolate chip cookies. We pack our trash out of the park so that we leave it just as good or better than we found it.

After lunch, I try to find a quiet spot to sit down and put any and all thoughts on paper. This doesn't necessarily mean writing a long article or story. Just getting down first impressions of how I have felt being on the mountain, perhaps an interesting scene I witnessed, or notes about the photos I have taken that day. Spending time in nature, especially on Mount Rainier, can inspire almost anyone.
Thanks, Tracie, for the inspiration to write even when I was having a bout of writer's block!