Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Turn at Tracie Walker's Word Game

About a month ago, I read an article by Tracie Walker. She wrote The Word Game - a Great Way to Meet Talented Authors! based on five simple words as her starting point. She offered to send any contributing writers their own set of five words for them to write an article, too.

I always enjoyed the challenge of writing from specific words in my college writing courses. This fun word game brought back the excitement of those college days gone by
Over the years, when I have had writer's block or have been stuck on an idea or project, I'll pick a couple of words and just start writing. This little word game is exactly what I needed to get over the hurdle I have had for the last little while.

The five words that Tracie Walker gave me are hide, butterflies, peanut butter, inspire, and summer. The game is to write what each of the five words means to you.

Here are what these five words mean to me:

Hide - I remember playing Hide & Seek during recess in elementary school. A portion of our recess play area had a lot of trees. It was a great place to hide.

Butterflies - I remember in fifth grade, I believe, having a butterfly cocoon in our classroom. It was cool to see the different stages. I also remember how difficult it was to feed the butterfly sugar water. I love watching butterflies and seeing the many color variations on their wings.

Peanut butter - I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Peanut butter and fluff (marshmallow creme) sandwiches are also yummy. I occasionally make peanut butter cookies.

Inspire - I've been writing since I learned how. What inspires me, as a writer, has changed over the years. Nature continues to inspire me. Some of my best work has been written during an early morning fog or a massive downpour of rain. Certain music and movies inspire me to write and I tend to watch the same movies too often (according to my husband). But those movies get me to write, so...

Summer - Summer always reminds me of visiting my one set of grandparents. We would stay for two weeks or more each summer. My grandmother would visit her friend, Rosemary, who grew raspberries in her yard. We would get both the red and golden raspberries at least once while I was there. My grandmother always had Half & Half on hand to pour over the berries. Now, I have Half & Half in the fridge for when my boys and I want some golden raspberries from our own garden for breakfast.

After writing the above, I sat down with my two oldest boys and asked them for some word suggestions. I ended up with twelve more sets of five words each. Two of those word sets have become poems. The one poem is Winter Morning. The other poem I am still fine tuning.

Thank you, Tracie, for the fun writing from the above five words in your simple word game.