Thursday, May 6, 2010

Against the Grain in Taylorsville, Utah - A Review

Against the Grain, LLC, located in Taylorsville, Utah, is truly a blessing for those that live Gluten-Free in the area.

Shopping for Gluten-Free food can be trying and downright difficult at times. For those that must eat Gluten-Free, reading the label on each product every time it is purchased becomes a very tiresome, but needful, action.

Not anymore.

Against the Grain is a family-owned business that developed out of the needs of a daughter who was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease.

Against the Grain offers shoppers the opportunity to purchase products that are already known to be Gluten-Free. If a shopper has additionally allergies (like to soy, corn, or artificial colorings), then yes labels will still need to be read. The most important part is that there is no question if the product is Gluten-Free - that work has already been done. This allows the shopper to focus on other important decisions, such as, "Which type of pasta do I want to try?" or "What flavor of cookies should I get this time?".

Against the Grain carries numerous brands of hundreds of products. A visit to their store or website and the Gluten-Free shopper will be in awe of the variety that this store offers. Gluten-Free shoppers have come to miss Gluten-Free breads, pastas, pies, cakes, crackers, chips, cookies, and even ice cream cones. Well, at Against the Grain, all of these items and more can be found on their shelves and in their freezers.

If you don't live in the greater Salt Lake area and the drive is too far, Against the Grain does ship. However, please be aware that certain items cannot be shipped. Please call or check their website for more information.

Against the Grain offers the visitor in town options, too. If you're in the area visiting, stop in on your way into town and grab some perishables for the fridge in your hotel room. If you're staying with friends or family, it's the best place to send them to get safe food for your arrival. On your way out of town, remember to stop back in and stock up for your pantry back home.

For those that eat Gluten-Free or shop for Gluten-Free products, when you walk into Against the Grain, one might feel like "a kid in a candy store" because of all the many choices available that are safe.