Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicole Howard of Essential Healing in Sumner, Washington - A Review

Essential Healing, is owned by Nicole Howard, and is located in Sumner, Washington. Her studio is calming with relaxing music, candles, and a intriguing pattern of material that adorns the ceiling.
Nicole, at Essential Healing, is a licensed massage practitioner and has been practicing for a over a year.


Before becoming a licensed massage practitioner, Nicole was a real estate agent. She enjoyed being an agent and helping clients sell and buy homes, but was looking for something more.

Since Nicole considers herself a "spa and massage junkie", becoming a massage therapist seemed like a natural progression for a new profession. She wanted to continue helping people, as she had in real estate, but with the added ability of having more control over her own schedule.

Nicole is trained in a variety of massage techniques including deep tissue, relaxation, Swedish, and reflexology. She just finished her certification through Kate Jordan Seminars and is now certified to perform pregnancy massages.

I have had massages from Nicole, at Essential Healing, during my third pregnancy. She is very gentle, soothing, and comforting. She has children of her own and relates well to my current aches and pains of being pregnant. I regret not getting massages while pregnant the last two times. I am sure it would have helped me feel better, both physically and emotionally. I am grateful that, this time, I put me first for a couple of hours; as it has made a world of difference in how I've felt after each massage.

Nicole is currently working on receiving her Doula certification. She is a very caring professional who will be a wonderful asset to any birthing team. By being a Doula as well as having her pregnancy certification, she will be able to put her pregnancy massage techniques to work during the labor process of her clients.

For those in the greater Puyallup and Sumner area, a visit to Essential Healing by Nicole Howard is a must.