Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just When You Think it is Over and Done

From my co-author, William Maltese:

Once again, here I am to provide a bit of insight for those of you considering writing a book, as my niece, Adrienne, and I have written our help- cookbook, THE GLUTEN-FREE-WAY: MY WAY, and now proceed to shepherd it through the publishing process.

Last time I checked in, Adrienne, her mother, and I had just gone over, word for word, the publisher’s galley for the book (which is, in effect, the book as it is formatted for print except without its cover), and had sent to the publisher our final MASTER correction sheet which ran to some 25 pages.

While the next step is usually the book appearing on the bookshelves, the publisher was, this time, soon back to me with word that since our correction sheet ran to 25 pages, and since the resulting revision of footnotes in the Xo├žai Chocolate chapter of the book had caused a shifting in page numbers, which had, in turn, screwed up the page-numbering sequence in the book’s Indices, I was getting the manuscript back for another read.

So, once again, I went through a latest publisher’s galley, word for word, starting out by changing all of the paging of the Indices to what they should now be, and then proceeding to check to see if all the corrections we’d indicated on the MASTER had been made by the publisher to the revised document (they hadn’t), and making sure corrections which hadn’t been made, per our request, were again called to the publisher’s attention as needing to be made.

Finally, I got to the part in the text where the footnote changes had caused the page-number shifts, which had caused the screw-ups of page numbering in the Indices … only to discover that when the publisher made those changes, they had been done wrong. Meaning, I now had to indicate changes needing to be made to changes. What resulted was yet another  but different  shift in page numbers, and new changes to the numbering in the Indices I had worked so hard on that morning.

Therefore, I had to isolate just the footnote section of the text, and indicate what corrections needed to be made to the corrections wrongly made by the publisher, just in that section, and mail just that back to the publisher to be changed, before I could figure out what new paging shifts would occur, as a result, that I would have me  yet again  having to change the page-number sequences of the Indices.

Plain as mud? By the end of day, I was seeing double, throwing my hands into the air, shouting at the wind, and wondering if I would ever figure it out. Finally, though, I think I did, and I sent in the results, and then fell into bed.

Next day, I got another latest revised copy of the publisher’s galley, with the corrections to the corrections made, per my latest requests, to the footnote section. This time, I checked this footnote section, first, to make sure everything had been done correctly. Assured they had, I was, then, back to indicating the changes that once again were warranted by the latest shifted-page numbering of the Indices, and … and … and …

Nine pages of new corrections later … enough likely to warrant the publisher letting me read yet another final revision of the galley … I sit exhausted at my computer, once again, hoping that what I think now is done is … FINALLY … done, and that any final reading, when and if, reveals no new surprises.

Our publisher, by the way, has chimed in with a cheery … “Some books just go through the editorial process more smoothly than others!”

Tell us something we don’t already know!!!!