Wednesday, July 1, 2009


From my co-author, William Maltese:

Recently, I was asked to guest spot on a radio show that’s broadcasted out of Chicago and deals with the fiction genre of “horror”."

[Note: You might want to completely download the show, then Fast Forward to my entrance about thirty-five minutes in].

The Show is hosted by Sabrina Ithal, an aficionado of horror. My history with the genre goes all of the way back to 1970 when I published my first horror book, DEMON’S STALK, followed that same year by DEMON’S CORONATION and VALLEY OF THE DAMNED. Since then, over a dozen of my novels, including my children’s book, DOG ON A SURFBOARD AND THE REST OF THE ADVENTURE have included elements of the macabre, as well as have several of my short stories, like “A Rendering of Souls” in the ghost anthology SCARED STIFF. Therefore, Gore Girl and I had a lot of horror-related things to talk about within the thirty-minute time slot I was allotted.

So, I was rather taken aback when, near the end of my time, she veered away from the show’s main theme to express genuine interest in hearing about the non-gluten help- and cookbook, THE GLUTEN FREE-WAY: MY WAY, which I was co-authoring with my niece, Adrienne. In retrospect, though, I don’t know why I was so surprised, in that I’ve found, during the course of writing the book, that there are a lot of people, both who suffer from gluten-intolerance, and who don’t, who are interested in the subject. Like the neighbor who stopped by for “just a quick minute” to deliver some strawberries straight form her garden, but who stayed two hours discussing Celiac Disease. Like a fellow author who wondered if her intake of gluten might be responsible for her migraines. Like the athlete who seriously wondered whether or not a gluten-free diet might not improve his physical well-being even if he isn’t officially gluten-intolerant….