Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gluten Free Way: Enlightenment!

From my co-author, William Maltese:

We can write the best book ever, and wrap it in the best cover, by way of packaging, and it can still languish on the bookshelves without word somehow getting out to the gluten-intolerant buying public that this “best” book with the “best” cover is out there just waiting for them to find it and, thereby, receive enlightenment, as regards the Gluten-Free life-style.

One promotional tool I’ve often used is the genius of candle-artisan Jfay to make a candle that, like THE GLUTEN-FREE WAY: MY WAY cover, embodies the essence of a book. For my vampire novel, SUCKS! FIRST BOOK OF THE DRAQUAL VAMPIRE CHRONICLES, she provided a blood-red candle, wooden stake implanted within it, all contained within in its own miniature coffin. For my murder-mystery, A SLIP TO DIE FOR: BOOK #1 OF THE STUD DRAQUAL MYSTERY SERIES, she provided a white candle riddled with black bullet holes drooling blood-like red.

For our THE GLUTEN-FREE WAY: MY WAY, a book about enlightening gluten-intolerant readers as to the way of improving their health through a gluten-free life-style, Jfay has made the “GF Freshly-Baked Bread Candle”, smelling of GF freshly-baked bread, seen below paired with THE GLUTEN FREE-WAY: MY WAY book cover, and echoing that spot in book wherein Adrienne proclaims:

“I DID succeed, at long last, in concluding my long and often frustrating search for the perfect GF loaf — thanks to Chef Reginald having taken the time and made the effort to accept the challenge of GF baking.”