Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How can I help you eat a little better?

While at the grocery store tonight with three of my boys, we walked past a mother and her son, he was about six or seven I am guessing.  While I would have liked to have heard more of the conversation, we continued with our shopping needs.

I kept repeating the question she asked her son over and over in my head so that I would remember it long enough to type it up here and share it with all of you.

She asked him in a caring and kind tone, "How can I help you eat a little better?"

He shrugged a little.  If he said anything it was too quiet for me to hear as we walked by.

Then she said, "Maybe we could start eating yogurt more often again?"

This got me to thinking about how she handled the situation.  Instead of just buying the healthy food and insisting that he eat it (which she may have done in the past), she was offering her help and allowing him some control over the healthier foods he could choose to eat.

By asking him how she could help him, she was getting his "buy-in" to eat healthier.  Wow.  I do not know why that struck me like it did.  I have been thinking since that sometimes we need to offer our children the choice to eat better instead of literally trying to "shove the healthy stuff down their throats."

When she asked him that question, I just smiled.  It was such a different approach than I am used to when it comes to children and eating.

I am surprised that her question hit me like it did.  I have been asked this same question weekly by my Coach Emmie who is my health coach.  

Maybe it hit me differently because the question was aimed at a child and not me.  I am used to making sure my boys are active in meal suggestions in our home.

I am not always used to putting me first - so when Coach Emmie asks me the same question, I do not always know how to answer.  I struggle to know how she can help ME.

I would appreciate hearing your answers to "How can I help you eat a little better?"

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chance to win five free online classes

I just wanted to pass along the opportunity to enter to win five free online classes.  Online classes are becoming more and more popular. 

Check out the giveaway at Craftsy to enter their giveaway for the free classes.  There are a wide variety of classes that are available to take on their website.

Craftsy.com offers classes for all sorts of fun things like quilting, sewing, food, cooking, and knitting.  They also offer classes on photography, jewelry making, cake decorating, and gardening.

I have seen their newsletter and class offers before this giveaway was announced.  I spent time looking at their website and the amount of classes that they have is awesome. I will be back to their website to check out more of their classes soon. 

Have you taken any classes on Craftsy.com?  If so, I would love to hear your experiences!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Telling the story of Easter using plastic eggs

Growing up, we did this Easter activity using plastic eggs at least once in our family.  I do not recall how old I was at the time.  

I remember helping my mother assemble the different items into the eggs. I am not sure if we used it for any teaching moments away from home.

Recently, my mother asked if I still had a copy of the items and scripture references for this activity.  While I know I have it, somewhere, I found this one online.  I decided to write about it here so that in the future, I can refer back to it if I need it again.  (It was also easier than searching through my many file folders.)

I think this is a great way to teach children the story of Easter in a visual way.  Whoever thought of this activity originally had a great idea!

I like this particular activity because it is visual (the items in the eggs as well as the scriptures that are referenced), audio (when you read the scripture passages out loud), and tactical (opening each egg and touching the item within).  This helps all children - as well as adults - as it caters to the different methods of learning.

I might not get the items collected before Easter this year to use with my family.  I had forgotten about it until my mother mentioned it.  I will try to collect the items and do it next year. 

Have you used this as an activity in your home or with a church class?  I would love to hear how you have shared the story of Easter using plastic eggs filled with symbolic items and scripture references.

Thank you, NiteWriter.net, for posting the instructions for this fun activity! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Great way to help author friends

While reading another writing blog the other day, I came across this post and just had to share it!  The ideas in this blog post are great for those wanting to help support and promote friends who are published authors.

I love the ideas listed in this post.  I have done some of the items for my author friends.

I appreciate the variety of ideas mentioned.  I did not think about the impact actually reading a friend's book can have on other people.  I admit that when I see someone reading an actual book that I do tend to see if I can find out the title.

I have no problem reading a book in a waiting room or lobby.  Lately, I have been reading the books on writing that I own.  Perhaps I need to begin reading the books of my friends in public and save the writing books (if I do not know the author) for reading at home.

So, when my next book comes out, I hope that some of my friends will do one or more of the included suggestions to help me promote my books.  I know that I have sold copies of my first book due to friends passing on my name.  Friends helping me sell my books does work.

I also know that when my friends publish books of their own, I will be sure to do some of the suggestions listed.  Every little bit of promotion and support helps!

Have you done any of the suggestions in the referenced blog post to help promote a friend's (or your own) book?  I would love to hear what you have done.  Happy reading!