Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Blog Header

Did you notice the new blog header?

Today, I uploaded a new blog header here (see top of page) designed by Jemma at Dorkface.  I just adore her design!

I have been trying to find something to use as a header for this site as well as the matching Facebook page at Adrienne Z. Milligan - Author.

This new blog header is just what I have been looking to add to my site!

I already have plans to use this header for other aspects of my business.  I am so excited!

Thank you, Jemma!  You are amazing!!

Did you notice the new color scheme and background?

Yes, I changed this today, too!

With the new blog header, the previous background did not work well anymore.  The previous background had a picture that I had "settled" with and knew it would not stay forever.

If you do not already know, purple is my favorite color - so this new color scheme is just right for me!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blogelina's current offer

Blogelina is currently promoting their Facebook page.  Between today and October 15th, once their Facebook page reaches 8,000 likes, a one-day only special will happen.

99cent transfers for your blog from Blogger to WordPress!

This is an amazing deal that is valued at $149.  Wow!

I have read a lot about the different blogging platforms from various sources.  This is a great deal.

Please help all of Blogelina's followers by liking their page. 

Be sure to follow Blogelina with their newsletter so that you can be informed of their special 99cent blogging transfer.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hearts for Home Blog Hop

I am participating in the Hearts for Home Blog Hop.  Check it out for some fun blog posts.

I like checking out the many different blogs linked in a blog hop.  I have found great recipes, tips for family and homeschooling, and reviews of products from the different blog hops I have seen.

If you are looking for some fun recipes, relationship helps, strategies to working with your children (or spouse), or just some fun ideas to do with your children, then visit this blog hop today!

Hearts for Home Blog Hop

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting it Together - an ebook by Kayse Pratt

While reading some blogs the other day, I clicked on other bloggers that were referenced within those posts.  One of those bloggers was Kayse Pratt.

I signed up for Kayse's newsletter and was given a code to redeem for a free copy of her ebook, "Getting it Together."  I was able to complete this process within minutes.

The one page in this ebook that caught my eye was the one entitled "Monthly Meal Planning."  I printed this one out as soon as I saw it.

While doing my grocery list last Saturday before going shopping, I used this Monthly Meal Planning sheet to write down the meals for the month.  I liked how the dinners each have a date by them.  The breakfasts, lunches, and snacks each have a few lines each.  I hardly ever plan breakfasts or lunches out for the whole month.  I usually just buy what we normally eat and then go from there.

When Hubby and I went shopping, it was great to be able to reference this meal planner.  I could just glance down the list.

I have a couple of other meal planner sheets that I like.  I have found those helpful for planning out a week of meals at a time so that I can see what meals I still need to figure out and put onto the menu.

This monthly meal planning sheet worked well for me while shopping.  It allowed me (and Hubby) to see all of my meals on one page, plus snacks!

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you monthly menu plan!  Please share in the comments below.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington

Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington.
Snowmobiles parked on the path while we take in the view.  Mountain Springs Lodge in Leavenworth, Washington.
Back in March 2012, I was offered the opportunity to do an on-location article for The Ranger.  The location for this article was the Mountain Springs Lodge just outside of Leavenworth, Washington.

I was able to take my family with me.  We stayed in one of the log cabins at the resort.  The cabin had everything you needed - except for the food!  There were towels in the bathroom along with a stack washer and dryer.  The kitchen had a refrigerator, dishwasher, and all serving ware and utensils.  There was a hot tub and BBQ on the front deck.  We were set! 

My two oldest boys and I were taken on a snowmobile tour.  The snowmobile rental office is on site and they have everything you need:  gear and the snowmobiles.  Oh, and they offer tours with professional guides. 

Mark Gubrud, our tour guide, calmed my fears about driving a snowmobile.  I had never been on a snowmobile tour before.  My boys were excited and I was scared.  My boys and I learned the hand signals to let each other know to stop, slow down, and when we are ready to go. 

Along the trails (that are groomed in the winter for snowmobiles and are horse trails during the summer), we would pull over and stop for a bit.  The views we saw of the mountains and valley were incredible!    

After the tour, we went back to the cabin.  My husband asked me how it was and my quick reply was, "I want one!"  This was not the answer he was expecting from me.  I am not the "type" to do a lot of outdoor activities like snowmobiling.   

Since then, my boys have asked when we are going back to do some more snowmobiling.  I would love to go over there and do some of their other snowmobile tours.  

So, if you are able to ride a snowmobile and are in the Leavenworth area, I highly recommend going for a tour at the Mountain Springs Lodge.  It is so much fun!